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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Qriosity 2006 - Quiz in memory of Subho da


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Date : Saturday, 23rd September 2006
Time : 1 P.M.
Reporting time : 12.30 P.M.
Quizmaster : Prof Abhijit Gupta
Prof Samantak Das
Registration : both online, and at the venue from 12 Noon
Venue : T.T.Room , Jadavpur University (Ground floor, A C Canteen)
Rules for participating
  1. Each team must have three members
  2. There can be any number of teams from a particular institution
  3. The three members of a team must all study in college/university
  4. Forming of cross-teams is permitted in the sense that you can team up with a college/university student only if you are a college/university student yourself.
  5. Participants must bring their institutional identity cards. Without proper identification, participation may be cancelled

Registration form (fields marked * are necessary)
Institution name : *
School team or College/University team : *
Team name :
Member no. 1 (Team Captain) : * ph. no.
Member no. 2 : ph. no.
Member no. 3 : ph. no.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One more round to go......

A brilliantly written song -

I've never had what I wanted
I had to fight for what I've got
I'd gamble with anything to keep from feeling
Like a dime in a dollar slot

But that's alright
I've got one more pitch to throw
I'd better hang on to myself tonight
I've got one more round to go

I've always had too much ambition
And it's making me a wreck
I'm bad with small talk,
Feel like I've got the hand, but not a full deck

But that's alright
I've got one more ace to show
I'd better hang on to myself tonight
I've got one more round to go

Oh, all that I want is to be left alone
But they keep calling, thinking I'm stalling
Oh, all that they want -give it heart
Give it soul, don't forget rock and roll
And by morning, need it by morning
They say, "Let's go"