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Friday, July 29, 2005

Unjust action of the Norway Government

In the name of tourism, Norway's Government is offering killing baby seals as a "sport" to tourists! What a way to celebrate our race's infinite stupidity! See the revolting images at . Goes to show the basic instinct of men. If its a liability to kill them, please don't make them a product! There are already enough things to sell on the earth if you know how to sell(and innovation is going on constantly)..........don't trade life in the name of ecological balance and trying to masquerade your one gives that right to you!

Norway's new government has outraged animal rights campaigners by proposing that the already controversial practice of seal hunting should be turned into an "exclusive" tourist attraction.
In an interview with the newspaper Fiskaren, the fisheries minister Svein Ludvigsen, who took office last month when a Labour-led coalition stepped down in favour of a centre-right government, said the plan could help wipe out hundreds of the coastal seals which play havoc with fishermen's nets.
"Seal hunting on the wild Norwegian coast should be sold as an exclusive product to tourists," he said.
"This could be a big hit. We cannot just blindly follow the views of [French actress and animal rights campaigner] Brigitte Bardot. "We have to take out more animals."
His comments angered the Norwegian branch of the international conservation group WWF which, while it supports sustainable hunting, believes that it is wrong for people to hunt seals for pleasure.
"In Norway we have left safari hunting - placing a bullet in a living target and running off - well alone," its senior Norwegian official, Rasmus Hansson, said yesterday.
"This would actually just be a question of seal hunting for target practice, and that's not something we should go for. This is not ethical."
It is not clear in what way tourists would be allowed to kill the seals under Mr Ludvigsen's plan.
Photographs of baby seals in the Arctic being clubbed over the head with an ice pick have caused international revulsion, although hunters argue that this is the most humane way of killing them.
Norwegian fishermen are allowed to kill 1,200 coastal seals annually to protect fish stocks.
But their interest in culling seals is actually quite low and they destroy only about half of that quota, and it is this shortfall that has prompted the government to consider turning to tourists.
Mr Ludvigsen believes that issuing tourists with licences to wipe out seals is no different from giving them permission to hunt moose.
"Sea mammals are a bigger consumer of fish than we humans," he said.
But according to Mr Hansson, who has debated the issue live on television with the minister, claims that seals are a pest are unsubstantiated.
"The alleged problems surrounding seals are exaggerated and have partly been proved wrong," he said.
"The extent to which they transfer parasites to cod for example has not been proved, and there are other problems of which they are accused that are unfounded."

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Business Experiment: I like this idea!

Found this pretty neat, cool site............the business experiment where you can discuss your ideas with likeminded people and maybe, start a business without investing a dime! I don't know whether its going to succeed, but I'm having fun doing THINKING on that site! So if you are like the idea, just go, register and see it! I am pasting the main description below.

The Business Experiment is a site meant to explore three concepts: wisdom of crowds, open-source business, and the distributed nature of work. The goal is to have the registered users of this site collectively start and run a real business. Business plans will be written. Financing will be sought (if needed). Employees will be hired. Systems of accountability will be put into place.

We Miss You, Kurt

On his heydays, he felt he was cheating his music, and bid goodbye to this life. He said, "Its better to burn out than fade away"! U havent faded away Kurt, and U never will. We miss you...........grunge in peace!

Feed a hungry Indian

If we can do nothing to prevent the unspeakable suffering of our fellow countrymen, we can atleast click once daily on this site to help some people who are actually fighting this battle. Kudos to those who have made this possible, I am just doing my littlest bit, by putting the link on my blog. If any of the lost souls of the cyberspace come here, please visit:

May be even we can do our bit.....however small.

Friday, July 15, 2005

The BOSS & U2

"Uno, dos, tres, catorce. That translates as one, two, three,fourteen. That is the correct math for a rock and roll band. For in art and love and rock and roll, the whole had better equal much more than the sum of its parts or else you're just rubbing two stickstogether searching for fire. "

One of the best articles I have read about Rock ......... and written by the BOSS ................ while inducting U2 to the Hall of Fame of Rock n Roll. He says about Bono ....... "He is gifted with an operatic voice and a beautiful falsetto rare among strong rock singers. But most important, his is a voice shot through with self-doubt. That's what makes that big sound work. It is this element of Bono's talent, along with his beautiful lyric writing, that gives the often-celestial music of U2 its fragility and its realness. It is the questioning, the constant questioning in Bono's voice, where the band stakes its claim to its humanity and declares its commonality with us." Very interesting ........ read the complete speech at Bruce Sprinsteen on U2

Sunday, July 10, 2005

And Gmail for All!

Anyone in need of a gmail id, get one from me NOW. I have plenty of gmail invitations left, just drop me a comment in reply to this post with an existing email ID and I will send your invitation. As simple as that!

Gmail really is cool!